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HashiCorp Redefines the Virtual Sales Experience with Hands-on Virtual IT Labs

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Making adoption of new tooling simple

HashiCorp is the leader in infrastructure automation for multi-cloud environments. HashiCorp builds solutions that enable innovation at global enterprises, offering them a common cloud operating model via consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run their infrastructure with any application.

Their foundational technologies are open source and developed openly, and have been since their founding. HashiCorp’s mission is to develop tools that unlock the cloud operating model for every business and enable their digital transformation strategies to succeed.

The NeedHost enjoyable HashiCorp product workshops to boost product adoption of multi-cloud functionality for enterprise prospects and customers.

Product education plays a key role in sales. HashiCorp focuses on creating memorable and effective prospect events to support pre-sales and sales, such as workshops and demos. Before Instruqt, HashiCorp’s sales team would store all of their sales and field enablement content in GitHub repositories.

Their team of solutions engineers and technical staff were responsible for creating the technical boilerplate for environments, bootstrapping their products, and providing step by step instructions for their most popular use cases in READMEs. Their solution for provisioning was bash, and a few of their own tools: Terraform, Packer, and Vagrant. This solution was pragmatic and effective until it no longer was.

Why Instruqt? 

By using Instruqt, HashiCorp has transformed the way they interact with practitioners in the field, by allowing Technical Staff and Solutions Engineers to build a scalable framework that is effective and powerful.

HashiCorp now has testing in place for every piece of on-demand content in their sales and field enablement catalog, and the positive outcomes are through the roof. They have engagement surveys to prove it.

HashiCorp’s Pains

Homegrown virtual IT lab was slow to build, unreliable, boring, and couldn’t scale to support marketing and sales activities like to: boost product adoption, grow product engagement, and fuel lead generation

Unpragmatic workflow 

In large sessions, it became extremely difficult for their instructors to debug issues on their participants’ laptops and cloud accounts. Cloud policies, misconfigurations, and a mix of operating systems presented a myriad of problems that frustrated participants and withdrew from HashiCorp’s overall product narratives.

Cloud Resource Crisis 

HashiCorp’s products are directly tied to cloud outcomes, and deploying to those environments is fundamental to their enablement effort. To reduce friction they have created dedicated training cloud accounts and subscriptions for their trainees, which required a lot of time and effort to implement controls for security and manage the resource lifecycle for cost. The complexity they introduced ultimately led to a heavy operational burden on their team. 

Framework Failure

As an organization, HashiCorp saw value in standardized learning content, but as their catalog grew, they struggled to maintain reliability and consistency in their content. They were never able to implement a testing framework in-house due to their shifting priorities. These inconsistencies led to a lack of broad adoption internally.

Regional Manager for Consul Solutions Engineering HashiCorp

“Instruqt’s Cloud Sandboxes – An elegant solution to a complex problem. We spent many hours trying to get this right with our homegrown solution when we could have been building content. With these features in place we were able to rapidly rollout new cloud enabled tracks with relative ease, keeping cost control and security at the forefront.

Lance Larsen

Regional Manager for Consul Solutions Engineering,  HashiCorp

Redefining Virtual IT Labs for Workshops and Demos Experiences


Seamless, browser-based access

The Instruqt UX is amazing. All you need is a browser and a good attitude, and you can start learning ASAP. Friction is one of the biggest enemies of the bounce rate and poor enablement outcomes.

“With Instruqt, we can reduce the barrier to entry for our content to almost zero.” 

Access to Cloud Environments

HashiCorp’s solutions engineers and technical staff can offload the creation and management of their cloud enablement sandboxes to the Instruqt platform.

Participants love learning in a familiar cloud environment, and we get security and cost control completely out of the box.

Framework Testing

Instruqt’s testing feature enables HashiCorp’s team to know that all of their content is working correctly. Instruqt is fully woven into their pipeline jobs to test all content nightly and when changes are made. This feature allows them to have a small team, of fewer than 10 people, asynchronously supporting content for 100s of internal stakeholders.

The Results

In the first two quarters, after implementing Instruqt, HashiCorp has:


unique HashiCorp Product Workshops participants



Positive Workshop Experience Feedback



of new total pipeline accounted to Instruqt 



on-demand workshops created for their products


Are you considering Instruqt?

Here is some advice from Lance Larsen the Regional Manager for Consul Solutions Engineering at HashiCorp


Treat Instruqt as a first-class program in your organization’s sales enablement strategy. Assign operational resources, schedule lunch and learning sessions, formal program management, etc.

Invest in a framework – Create best practices guides for internal consumption. A few gold standard tracks for the rest of the organization to leverage will get a lot of mileage and make it easier to crowdsource development.

Require testing – If you ensure the content always works, the adoption will follow. The platform will speak for itself. 

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