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Redefine the virtual IT labs experience for Windows application

We’re happy to announce that we have added native support for Windows-based virtual machines. That means you can easily build hands-on labs on Instruqt for applications that are based on Windows. Your users will enjoy the same holistic learning experience and universal accessibility of the Instruqt platform.

Hands-on labs built on Instruqt are highly regarded for their clutter-free layout with a pleasing design. The browser-based environment ensures that the instructions and related content are easily discoverable and accessible in a simple interface. By making the content more presentable and easier to consume, both content creators and learners gain by reducing distraction and improving knowledge retention.

 With this release content creators can now:

  • Use Windows-based virtual machines in your lab environment
    Simply add the Windows-based virtual machine to your sandbox configuration, in the same way as you would do with Linux-based VMs. You can even mix them with any of our other sandbox resources.
  • Use PowerShell to write lifecycle scripts
    You can now create PowerShell-based lifecycle scripts that run directly on the Windows VM. This allows you to integrate better with the Windows ecosystem and allows for easier ways to set up and check sandbox environments.
  • Run PowerShell based terminals
    Terminal tabs now also support Windows hosts. Give your users access to an interactive PowerShell session on their Windows VMs.
  • Use our built-in file editor
    We’ve also updated our built-in file editor to support Windows-based filesystems. The editor gives your users an easy way to view and edit text-based files, like log or configuration files.

Check out our documentation on how to run a Windows Virtual Machine (VM)
Read documentation

Try out an example of a Windows virtual desktop 👇

Instruqt takes away the pain and hassle of building hands-on labs for Windows applications even for the most complex scenarios.
Easily build interactive, hands-on labs that spark engagement with Instruqt’s virtual IT lab platform. Tell your product story and grow your pipeline with a platform you can trust. Instruqt is 100% elastic and scalable. You can add any number of users any time you like.

Remove your customer’s biggest technology adoption barrier

On-demand labs with pre-configured infrastructure lower the barrier for individuals who wish to try new software without having to understand or provision the underlying infrastructure. Everything runs in a standard web browser, so you never have to worry about firewall restrictions, incompatible devices, or security software that prevents your software from running. Instruqt provides a guided, hands-on user experience that will help your customers learn precisely how, when, and why to use your software.


Is this relevant if I have a hybrid solution with Linux and Windows?
Yes. You can use Instruqt to build hands-on labs for hybrid solutions with Linux and Windows.

Can I build my Windows tracks using Instruqt CLI?
Yes. Instruqt CLI is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows machines.

Can I embed the Windows tracks on my website, documentation, or LMS?
Yes. Tracks built on Instruqt are embeddable anywhere on the web.


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Michael Meier
Head of Product

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