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Instruqt recognized as 2022 High Performer by G2

We are thrilled to announce that G2 has recognized Instruqt as a high performer in the Summer 2022 Grid for virtual IT labs. G2 is an industry-leading, independent review and comparison site for software and services. It reflects how satisfied our customers are and shows the hard work our team has put into our product. The G2 High Performer award shows that a business constantly works to improve itself and its product, and customers are satisfied since adopting it. 

“We couldn’t have done it without our customers. Their feedback and partnership have accelerated our journey towards making Instruqt the #1 hands-on virtual IT lab platform for product-led growth,” says Coert Baart, CEO of Instruqt. 

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Why software companies love Instruqt Virtual IT Lab

If you need a technical platform to show and tell the value of your software, go with Instruqt. Instruqt takes away all the pain and hassle of building tutorials, demos and training labs, so software companies can focus on teaching and selling their solutions. In addition, everything runs in a standard web browser, so you never have to worry about firewall restrictions, incompatible devices, or security software that prevents their software from running.

Perhaps the best part about Instruqt is the automatic cleanup and maintenance. Every student can have an entire cloud account when you do a training lab. Once the training is complete, the cleanup process is automatic. You don’t have to worry about machines left running or leaving vulnerable, unpatched systems running.

Reviews by our customers

Let’s have a look at what our customers have to say:

bob r instruqt g2 review


daniel o instruqt g2 review


jim b instruqt g2 reviews


john b instruqt g2 reviews


Feel free to check out all of our reviews on our G2 page, here.

Like what you read? See Instruqt in action.

Let us show you how to use Instruqt to generate demand for your products through education: 

take this Instruqt lab (no sign-up required)


Learn more about how we can help you increase productivity and reduce waste: Speak with one of our virtual IT lab experts. 

Connie Tai
As the CMO at Instruqt, Connie oversees the overall marketing strategy across all marketing initiatives, acquisition channels, and distribution channels. Together with her team, she's responsible for the company's blogs, podcasts, overall content strategy, and product launch and customer demand campaigns.

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