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How to Give More Value in Your Customer Training

How do you get your students excited about learning? Sure, as a trainer, you can give your students lectures and presentations. Have them read books and watch examples of things getting done. But is this effective and are you giving them the most value your course can offer?

Remember, your students are working adults, with adult problems. They are coming to your class with a purpose. Their purpose is to gain knowledge, and most importantly, skills to develop their careers. 

To get more insight into training, I talked with GoDataDriven expert Vincent Warmerdam. He shared his methodology on teaching students data science and how he uses Instruqt to teach students by having them write open-source software.

Who is Vincent Warmerdam?

Vincent is an algorithm designer at GoDataDriven. He solves problems with data every day and teaches others how to do the same. He has been on the front page of Reddit a bunch of times and is a co-founder of PyData Amsterdam. 

Highlight Moments

00:00:33 Typically, I go to the company who is just getting started and I have about a week to teach everyone from scratch how to set up projects and tools.

00:01:15 We just try to make sure that you come to a lecture in one of our people or you look at some of our content. So that today you’re learning, but tomorrow you’re also applying.

00:02:41 If people take a course from us. Sure, I can recite slides, I can open up a book and start reading and stuff, but that’s not what’s going to be helping people is about the thing is going to help you get inspired.

00:05:15 Look, there is already a database loaded. Already all this stuff is installed. You don’t have to worry about it. And that takes away a whole lot of the pain. Because to be honest, learning does suck. And anything we can do to make it suck less is a good thing.

00:05:38 I still teach them how to install stuff on their laptop, but it’s wired at the end of the training when they’re already excited about the whole data thing.

00:11:59 You have to imagine most of the folks who work for us, they also teach, but they also get clients and they’re always kind of busy and they don’t want this whole teaching thing to become sort of a drag. So the fact that we’re also making it more fun for instructors, that was kind of a good thing.

Who is GoDataDriven?

In 2009, they were pioneers in implementing modern data platforms like Hadoop. Since then, they’ve taken advantage of the endless possibilities of open-source solutions to help dozens of enterprises become data-driven by setting up Big Data infrastructures, making data available, developing predictive models, and training people to become AI-literate along the way.

In recent years, they’ve added business consultancy to their services to increase adoption rates of AI use cases and therein bolstered business value.

If you haven’t yet, go ahead and check out them out

Instruqt is a learning-by-doing platform

Now you can spin up real infrastructures in a sandbox within seconds. Instruqt makes Virtual Instructor-led IT Training interactive and fun. Teach in a learn-as-you-go platform. Let your learners step into the adventure of trial and error that can lead to new discoveries in a safe environment.

Get started with Instruqt! Check out our platform — refresh your skills in KubernetesKnativeKafka, and Python. Instruqt is here to support you in your learning journey.

Proudly a part of Xebia!

Katy Andreeva
Katy is a Growth Marketer at Instruqt.

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