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Introducing Hot Start: make your sandbox instantly available

make your sandbox instantly available with the updated hot start feature

Speaking of high performance, when you use Instruqt to build hands-on labs for lead generation, self-paced learning, or classroom training, you’ll love our latest release — allowing you to make your sandbox instantly available.

It’s no secret that the loading times of your sandbox can make all the difference in your learner satisfaction and lead conversions. By default, sandbox environments on Instruqt start on-demand whenever someone starts a track. With Hot Start, you can easily configure a pool of your sandboxes to start instantly whenever your learners or prospects start your track. 

Here are two use cases to highlight how Hot Start is relevant for you: 

  • When you want to ensure maximum engagement of your track for self-paced learning or lead generation, you can reduce load times by using Hot Start to maintain a pool of pre-heated sandboxes.
  • When you run (virtual) instructor-led training, you can schedule a Hot Start pool to give your learners instant access to their sandboxes. This way, they experience no waiting time and can all start at the same time.

Interested to learn how you can set this up for your labs? Visit our documentation.

Instruqt is built for fast-growing software companies looking to educate and sell to today’s modern buyers. We are determined to help you knock down the barriers for people to experience what makes your product great and how it adds value to their business. 

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Michael Meier
Head of Product

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