Be supported by a team that's always there to help

Get support from Instruqt's friendly support team, they are always there to help and are quick to respond via email, phone, or Slack.

The Instruqt team responds very quickly. They were able to adapt the platform to our use-case very well and within a short time frame.

Louise Cabansay Software Developer, UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute

  • Flexible editor for technical content

  • Customizable environments for all technologies

  • Premium lab experiences

  • Automate lab maintenance

  • Analyze lab engagement and actions

  • A helpful team is always there to help you

See what makes Instruqt a better alternative

We provide large-scale workshops to people who want to try out service mesh technologies. 

Instruqt has significantly lowered the barrier for individuals wishing to try new software without understanding or provisioning the underlying infrastructure like Kubernetes. 

With Instruqt we can give every user their own Kubernetes cluster on demand which is often the most significant barrier to trying out our technology.

"We love the Instruqt platform!"

Field/Software Engineer,

As a content author, I find it extremely easy to write my tracks and challenges; I focus on the content that I want to create and rely on Instruqt to deliver as imagined. Moreover, the platform offers top-class observability and tracking capabilities which is crucial for feedback.

Ahmed G, Lead Technical Trainer, Codification

Flexible editor for technical content

Build content using simple YAML and Markdown files for maximum flexibility to your content creators.

We spent many hours trying to get this right with our homegrown solution when we could have been building content. With these features in place, we were able to rapidly roll out new cloud-enabled tracks with relative ease, keeping cost control and security at the forefront.

Roger Berlind Senior Solutions Engineering, HashiCorp

Customizable environments for all technologies

Build labs that mirror your live product. Instruqt works with Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Linux, Windows, Docker, and more.

Analyze lab data and actions

Know how engaged people are with your labs. Stay informed with detailed tracking and statistics for every instance.

Instruqt has an excellent UX and allows seamless cloud access. Instruqt removes barriers so we can focus on learning and maximize the impactfulness of our solutions!

Lance Larsen Regional Manager for Consul Solutions Engineering, HashiCorp

Educate communties with premium lab experiences

Help customers learn faster. Easily share and give access to labs. Add checks and run scripts for every product scenario. Guide customers to value with native instructions and hints.

I recommend Instruqt as a great way to engage and educate your audience on your product.

Brent Shaffer Developer Programs Engineer, Google Inc.

Automate lab maintenance

Make a big impact with a small team. Instruqt manages the complete lifecycle from testing frameworks to provisioning to the teardown.

I like all the automation that we can create for our labs. In the end, this enables us to define with great detail the practice experience we want our customers and prospects to get with our product. Our team did quite an extensive analysis of other alternatives and there is no other tool out there providing the features Instruqt has right now.

Pablo L., Curriculum Developer, Sysdig

When you need flexible content creation

Katacoda environments are limited to preconfigured virtual machines and small Kubernetes clusters. Instruqt is built for teams that need full control over cloud accounts and custom virtual machines and containers.

Instruqt vs Katacoda

✓ No Credit Card Required

Seeing is believing. You can take Instruqt for a free test drive right now, it only requires five minutes.

Here's how we stack up against KataCoda

Katacoda environments are limited to preconfigured virtual machines and small Kubernetes clusters. 

Instruqt is built for teams that need full control over cloud accounts and custom virtual machines and containers.

Product-led growth made simple. 

A modern approach to educate and sell that actually works even for complex software.

The #1 Hands-on Virtual IT Labs for Product-led Growth

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