Why choose Instruqt over Cloudshare?

Cloudshare and Instruqt both offer virtual IT labs but Instruqt has more flexibility and features for technical content. 

Replicating your production environment is not the right way to build an effective training sandbox.

Instruqt tracks are built from simple YAML and Markdown files which provide maximum flexibility to your content creators. Built-in testing ensures that your labs are always working and ready for use.

The easiest way to create customized product demos and workshops

Your lab platform shouldn't be so hard. Start showing product value in minutes with a platform that'll save you time and money.

Why do people choose Instruqt

  • Modern approach to educating and selling that works 
  • Embed intuitive and fun user experiences anywhere on the web
  • Customize product demos and workshops with a flexible content editor

Instruqt vs Cloudshare 

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See what makes Instruqt the better alternative
Create intuitive buyer journeys that sell your product in minutes. 

Flexible content editor

Build content using simple YAML and Markdown files for maximum flexibility to your content creators.

Run any technology on customizable environments  

Give people a 360 experience with your product anywhere on the web. In one place, you can go through app and cloud integrations. 

Including Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Linux, Windows, Docker, and more.

Educate communities with premium lab experiences

Help customers learn faster. Easily share and give access to labs. Add checks and run scripts for every product scenario. Guide customers to value with native instructions and hints.

Use your time on what matters most

Have peace in mind that Instruqt will take care of the back end of your product experiences. 

Share your content with confidence. You need zero environment preparation time before demos and workshops.

Go from insights to action

Know how engaged people are with your labs. Stay informed with detailed tracking and statistics for every piece of product content.

Instruqt has significantly lowered the barrier for individuals wishing to try new software without understanding or provisioning the underlying infrastructure like Kubernetes. 

With Instruqt we can give every user their own Kubernetes cluster on demand which is often the most significant barrier to trying out our technology.

Field/Software Engineer

The IT community loved Instruqt’s gamified virtual IT lab experience. 

Large amounts of attendees crowd around a single machine and work together on a game. I recommend Instruqt as a great way to engage and educate your audience on your product.

Developer Programs Engineer

Creating online training or certifications is always a cumbersome process. You need to make sure that students have the proper equipment and proper software versions.

 Instruqt avoids all these problems completely by offering a cloud-native way to launch sandbox environments on demand. 

You can use these environments for product demos, employee onboarding, customer scenarios, or even certifications/training.

Developer Advocate

We need to provide real environments for our customers and prospects to test our product and get practice with it. 

Instruqt enables us to do this in an easy automated way that any person can access from his/her browser. Good training on the product reduces churn and it is also a great way to promote the product too.

Curriculum Developer

As a content author, I find it extremely easy to write my tracks and challenges; I focus on the content that I want to create and rely on Instruqt to deliver as imagined. 

Moreover, the platform offers top-class observability and tracking capabilities which is crucial for feedback

Lead Techncal Trainer

Instruqt has an excellent UX and allows seamless cloud access. 

Instruqt removes barriers so we can focus on learning and maximize the impactfulness of our solutions!

Regional Manager for Consul Solutions Engineer

Instruqt is super rad. It allows us to have a web-based platform where people can interact with a terminal and some code. So they don’t have to install Terraform or anything.

They spin up these challenges in their browser, and then I was able to put instructions off to the side of the screen, and they can walk through the different challenges.

Developer Advocate

Let your product do the talking

Compared to other solutions I've used in the past, Instruqt is eminently reliable. I can spin up a session with hundreds of users and zero worries about the infrastructure not behaving as expected.

Compared to the cost of an engineer's time in debugging the provisioning of large environments for many users, Instruqt delivers great value.

Field Engineer

The #1 hands-on virtual IT labs for PLG

PLG made simple.

A modern approach to educate and sell that actually works — even for complex software

Fast-growing software companies trust Instruqt