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instruqt is a gamified learning community-driven platform to learn and compete worldwide in DevOps technology and products through byte-sized, hands-on challenges.

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“We challenge you to learn”

What sets us apart

Traditional classroom training does not work for quickly mastering new DevOps products or technology. Online solutions offered by e.g. Udemy, Linux Academy, Qwiklabs and Pluralsight all have their strengths, but what sets us apart is the quality content (in breadth and depth), our hands-on, byte-sized challenges, our gamification features built in to create a community of learners worldwide, and our unrivaled partner and community ecosystem.


For organizations that want to remain flexible, responsive and competitive in today’s continuously fluctuating marketplace, knowledge is not only power; it's a priority. There is a huge need for a generation of T-shaped hands-on DevOps engineers, who really know what they are doing, and who help organizations staying in business.

With the amount of tools available to engineers growing at an ever increasing pace, it is impossible to keep up with these changes. Adopting new tools, the underlying concepts and best practices require a big investment in time and effort. How do you select the right tool? And what if you choose the wrong one? And how do you really use this tool in a production environment?

The current way of learning new IT products and technology is a slow, cumbersome and boring process, with low retention. Our mission is to change this. We have taken the strong points of gamification and applied them to learning infrastructure automation and DevOps. Our goal is to make learning new tools effective, efficient and fun again.

Instruqt is a gamified learning platform to learn and compete worldwide in DevOps related tooling and technologies. Gain hands-on experience. Learn from your colleagues. Track your progress. Get insight into your skills. Compete with your peers, worldwide! We challenge you to learn!