Instruqt for vendors

Learn by doing

Increase product adoption

In a world with an ever-changing pace, knowledge is key. As a company in which you find yourself precisely in these fast-moving developments, it is important to have a fast adoption of your product as well.

As a vendor you are convinced of your product, but you also want your prospect to be convinced of this as soon as possible. Often enough, you will have to explain, show, demonstrate or partially implement your product several times. And this to several people within an organisation.

Generate technical leads

How do your potential customers actually use your product? And how likely is it that your product will actually meet their needs? What if you get these insights directly during a demo?

With Instruqt it is possible to spin up any tool or infrastructure without download or installation. This way, your prospects can use the product as it was intended for them, even in combination with their own tooling. And you as a vendor will then, in addition to a larger adoption chance, get the insights and statistics about it. It is therefore also possible to use Instruqt as a marketing tool. Random people can use your product as it is intended. What it really looks like within their organisation can be simulated at a later stage.

Generate leads

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