Improve Customer Success

The two top priorities for customer success are reducing churn and increasing product usage. The most successful Customer Success programs rely on hands-on tutorials and demos of your product. This is one of the core features of Instruqt.

Reduce customer churn

The best way to avoid customer churn is to truly know your customer and to have insights in how your product is used. Get to know the power users of your product. Learn where you can improve by offering focused trainings and tutorials.

With Instruqt you can create hands-on tutorials of your product and track progress and usage.

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Increase product adoption

To be successful as a product company, you need to invest in on-boarding and training. A well defined training program results in faster product adoption, and directly translates into smooth customer onboarding.

Instruqt makes it easy to create small, bite-sized learning tracks using your own product. Instead of providing step-by-step instructions, users are challenged to solve hands-on challenges. This increases engagement and makes training more effective.

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