use cases

Sales, customer success, internal training, and events.

It all works.

Customer training

Teach real-world usage of your products in a live virtual lab environment. 

  • Build effective product learning with receiving instant feedback.
  • Help your customers explore your technology in-depth with guided product scenarios.
  • Transform your on-site customer training to virtual training.
  • No Installations required.

    Lead generation

    Build interactive self-service demos for prospects to try your latest technologies.

    • Use self-guided hands-on learning to highlight key features.
    • Make your content accessible by embedding or sending a URL link.
    • Track your prospects’ engagement  for sales to follow-up.
    • No Installations required.

    Sales enablement

    Empower your sales teams with easy to access demos and POC environments.

    • Easily create demo content based on your prospects’ needs.
    • Manage the number of demo invites.
    • Control the amount of resources in a demo environment. 
    • Save time by using Instruqt’s templated Docker images, and VMs.
    • No Installations required.

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      Internal training

      Create custom training content that mirrors your production environment.

      • Build content specific to your organization’s application stack. 
      • Learn by doing, apply new skills to the job faster. 
      • Fast on-boarding of new employees.
      • Move between teams more easily.    
      • No Installations required.

        Educate your teams

        Get your team production-ready faster. Build hands-on tech skills in Data Science, Cloud & DevOps. 

        • Get challenged and receive instant feedback. 
        • Experience guided storylines.
        • Know when, why, and how to use technology. 
        • Get your teams’ certification-ready for exams.  
        • No Installations required.

          Knowledge sharing

          Build living documentation of your tech stacks for peer to peer learning. 

          • Build a knowledge-sharing hub within your organization.
          • IT professionals can contribute, build, and learn from each other.
          • Stimulate growth by helping each other grow.
          • No Installations required.

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            Virtual events

            Boost traffic and attendance at your virtual events. Showcase products with gamification. 

            • Host interactive product workshops from the browser. 
            • No Installations required.
            • Scale your technical events and training around the globe.
            • Stay within your budget with an a-pay-as- you- go model


              Host hackathons for 1000s of participants and solve challenges together.

              • Build playground scenarios customized to your preferred technology.  
              • Invite participants to join around the world 
              • Track the time it takes for participants to solve your challenges.
              • No Installations required.


              Learn more. Grow more.

              Improve the learning experience, knowledge retention, and learner engagement

              See how Instruqt can help you use learning by doing in your business.