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Every organization is unique and uses a different combination of technologies. That’s why standard training offerings aren’t sufficient to build high performant teams. You need tailor-made content, created by your own heroes. So we’ve developed the Instruqt Engine.

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Instruqt content engine

Instruqt Engine

Build your own hands-on laps with the Instruqt Engine. It’s really easy:

  • Define the infrastructure (Containers, VM’s or Cloud environment)
  • Create the content
  • Code the challenges

And start playing!

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Instruqt content engine

Speed up your cloud migration

When moving to the cloud, you need to learn a lot of new technologies. And everything needs to be as-code. With Instruqt, this becomes easier. We support all major cloud providers.

Data for everyone

The world is becoming more and more data driven. Every developer needs to learn things like machine learning and AI. We make it easy to spin up complex data setups, where developers can learn and experiment.

Increase DevOps adoption

DevOps is more than just technology. It’s about working together as a team, without siloes. With Instruqt your teams will be on the same page, and share knowledge with each other.

Use Instruqt for assessments

Did you know you can use Instruqt to assess the skills of your candidates? This will avoid wrong hires and accelerate the hiring process.

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