Building a scalable online learning platform

At the CodeMotion event in Amsterdam which was held on 8 and 9 May, I gave a talk which gives a look behind the scenes of instruqt. In the talk I showed how the platform is built and why we lean heavily on tools such as Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes and Terraform. After that we took a look at the inner workings of the platform. Showing what actually happens behind the scenes when content is created and when users interact with the platform.

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Instruqt invited at Dutch Open Hackathon 2018

At Instruqt, we love hackathons. In fact, Instruqt was initially created to facilitate competitions around technology. We participated in quite a few hackathons ourselves. We just love the vibe and competitive atmosphere. So we are really excited to attend the Dutch Open Hackathon 2018. We will help the teams during the hackathon itself, and we will even participate in the jury. Play on our arcade machine! During the Dutch Open Hackathon, you can play with our newly created arcade machine.

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Codemotion 2018 is sponsored by Instruqt and Xebia!

On May 8-9 the largest tech conference for developers, Codemotion, will take place in Amsterdam and we will be there! Erik Veld, one of the founders of Instruqt, is invited to talk about the technical details of the online learning platform. Instruqt offers online courses for IT professionals. Together with our friends from Xebia, we decided to sponsor the event as well. During the event, you can try to beat us by solving challenges using our retro arcade machine.

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