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Boost Product Adoption with Interactive Customer Training

Help customers master your technologies faster by delivering bite-sized interactive tutorials in a sandbox environment.

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Leading organizations trust Instruqt to drive product adoption and customer success


Improve Your Customer Success Strategy

Increase Product Adoption

Eliminate Friction. Onboard your customers with a hands-on IT cloud lab. Have them fall in love with your product from the start.

Delight Your Customers

Build training content that fits the modern worker with bite-sized learning. Convert Classroom Training into Virtual Instructor-Led Training.

Reduce Customer Churn

Measure your customers’ product maturity level by tracking their learning progress and nurturing  your users based on the data.

No Setup: Just Open Your Browser

Forget the frustrations of installing and pre-configuring on each computer. Being cloud-hosted and browser-based makes it painless for both your learners and trainers. BONUS: Now you can scale-up much more easily!

Browser based
Brand Interface

An Integrated Branded Learning Experience

Your content, your way. Customize our platform to deliver a seamless branded learning experience. BONUS: We have an API. Integrate us with your existing tools: CMS, CRM, LMS, etc.

Flexible Content: Train In Your Own Way!

UI, CLI, videos, text, slides. Everything you need to tailor your trainings. Set up your course to support instructor-led labs, or – BONUS: use our unique gamification features for self-paced on-demand learning at scale.

Flexible Content
Sandbox Technology

Yes, Even Your Technology Too!

Setup or import a sandbox environment in which you can spin-up any technology. Once you’re configured, scripting scenarios and setting up challenges is intuitive and easy.

Embed Into Your Content

Create interactive, fun, and effective content around your product. Say goodbye to screenshots and frustrating terminals. Put together a blog or documentation that is not only a good read, but helpful in educating your audience on your product. 

Product Adoption in IT: The Problem With Free Trials

A Scalable Learning Platform

 Sky’s the Limit! Provide self-paced or virtual ILT trainings with the simplicity of the setup for your customers. Become less dependent on sending instructors to clients to deliver trainings.

Share Knowledge with Interactive Learning

“With Instruqt’s challenge-based learning, the user is the hero of their own story, much like a video game or role-playing game.”

Sean Carolan

Technology Specialist Terraform, Hashicorp

“Using Instruqt, we were able to reduce our setup time by 95%. Giving us more time to interact with our customers attending the training, and being able to deliver training at an even higher quality and consistency.”

Ben Hählen

Director of Customer Success,

Showcase Your Products in a Sandbox Environment with Hands-on Learning and Instant Feedback

Where Hands-on Learning Comes Full Circle

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Empower your teams to manage IT systems faster with automation and collaborative working.

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