Here's how to design a free trial strategy that converts

Do you want to help your free trial users see the value of your paid product? It all starts by dissecting your sales process and understanding why your users are not eager to pay for your software. 

This guide will reveal three ways for marketing and sales teams to help free trial users make the decision to pay for your software. 

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Whats Inside

A lot of articles and blogs have been written about speeding up sales cycles. How the customer journey should be, what improvements can be made and which parts go wrong when achieving real success with the customer. For tech companies, the success of your product or feature starts at the first touch-point. 

This guide will reveal three untold ways leading software companies are converting with free trial users to paying customers.

✅ A  deep-dive into why your leads are stuck in the free trial stage and will not go premium.

✅ Three untold ways to transform your free-trial solution into a sales generation machine.

✅ Strategy for optimizing your sales cycle to maximize your revenue growth. 

About The Author

Coert Baart has 20 years of experience in sales and revenue growth, He is recognized as an expert in developing business opportunities and growing business from the ground up. In his time as a top tier executive in various software companies, his team has helped generate revenue, selling his last company valued over 7 digits.

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