Instruqt invited at Dutch Open Hackathon 2018

Apr 12, 2018 | Press

At Instruqt, we love hackathons. In fact, Instruqt was initially created to facilitate competitions around technology. We participated in quite a few hackathons ourselves. We just love the vibe and competitive atmosphere. So we are really excited to attend the Dutch Open Hackathon 2018. We will help the teams during the hackathon itself, and we will even participate in the jury.

Instruqt at Dutch Open Hackathon 2018

Play on our arcade machine!
During the Dutch Open Hackathon, you can play with our newly created arcade machine. This arcade is loaded with a retro version of the Instruqt platform. During the hackathon you can test your development and DevOps skills, and get a chance to win our collector’s item T-shirts. Stay tuned for more updates!

Arcade machine under construction

Will you be there?
We’d love to meet you and talk in person. Please drop us a line at We hope to see you at the hackathon!


Katy Andreeva
Katy Andreeva

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