HashiCorp launches Consul Connect during HashiDays Amsterdam

Jun 26, 2018 | Press

Consul was already an awesome product for service discovery, but now with Consul Connect it’s even more awesome. HashiCorp integrated service mesh features into Consul, that makes connecting services more secure and manageable.

HashiCorp explains the problem like this: managing infrastructure across teams becomes more and more complex due to the fact that infrastructure nowadays is a lot more dynamic. You can’t just file a ticket for a firewall change anymore, because that change may be obsolete in minutes. Schedulers reschedule services all the time.

The solution Hashicorp came up with is Consul Connect. Consul uses service policies to codify which services are allowed to communicate. It also secures the communication using mutual TLS. Consul Connect aims to integrate with existing proxies and products, as the smart stuff all happens at Layer 4.

At Instruqt, we’re using the products of HashiCorp a lot. Our platform makes use of Terraform and we have used Consul in the past. So we’re really excited about this product!

Consul Connect webinterface

We’ve been secretly collaborating with HashiCorp to create a Consul Connect track on Instruqt. By playing this track, you will learn how to enable the Connect features in Consul, and how to create your first service policy. And if you’re at HashiDays Amsterdam, you can play the arcade challenge on our Instruqt arcade machine. Have fun!

Katy Andreeva
Katy Andreeva

Katy is passionate about learning. Some believe they know everything, and then some seek to learn something new every day. She believes there is a mutual benefit in learning. Businesses financially benefit from working with people who want to learn. Individuals benefit by expanding their expertise and knowledge for the future. She seeks to understand the habits of those who are every curious and improving themselves and how to empower them.

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