HashiConf EU 19: Simplify Your Terraform Codebase Using Terraform 0.12

Sep 12, 2019 | Press

HashiConf EU ’19 was a great event! It was filled with workshops and talks created by  HashiCorp experts and engineers from around the world. An excellent opportunity to expand your skills, learn new ways to improve your process, and increase your team’s productivity.

Adé Mochtar, our CTO and Co-founder,  was invited by HashiCorp to give a talk about Terraform. He has have been a long-time Terraform user and fan. In fact, our engineering team uses Terraform extensively, both, to provision Instruqt’s core infrastructure and the sandbox environments we provide for our users. 

In this talk, Adé shows how our team has adopted Terraform and Terraform Enterprise to provision arbitrary sandbox environments in Instruqt. Watch the video to hear about the challenges we ran into, like state management, parallel execution, and code generation, and then learn how we solved these challenges.

Instruqt — Changing the face of IT learning

So we think this digital consultant can be a game-changer. A new way of learning, a new way of providing value to clients and providing value to those professionals that, by the way, are having to learn everything again. A scalable learning model for organization-wide transformations. We’ve put together is an online modern, learn by doing, challenge-driven gamification platform. Changing the game for your IT professionals and your teams.

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Katy Andreeva
Katy Andreeva

Katy is passionate about learning. Some believe they know everything, and then some seek to learn something new every day. She believes there is a mutual benefit in learning. Businesses financially benefit from working with people who want to learn. Individuals benefit by expanding their expertise and knowledge for the future. She seeks to understand the habits of those who are every curious and improving themselves and how to empower them.

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