How to Step Up Your Organization’s IT Security?

Mar 11, 2020 | Podcast

The race to fully digital environments is competitive. Leading organizations are rushing to make the changes necessary to meet the demands of their customers. This change is not easy, it requires moving environments and databases to the cloud, and reshaping organizational culture and ways of working. But what about IT security? Have you forgotten about IT security?

Today Deborah Burton talks with Goran Mandir, Security Consultant from Xebia about the challenges security teams and IT teams, in general, are facing in the move to the cloud. Often times is the responsibility of organizations to ensure their customers’ information is safe. In this podcast, you will learn:

  • What it means to be an ethical hacker.
  • What is your organization doing wrong with IT security.
  • How moving to the cloud can generate security wholes.
  • By offering your IT professionals the chance to really learn how to use one tool, it will not only them.
  • What is the vicious cycle holding many enterprises back in strengthening their IT security.
  • What organizations need to be doing to strengthen their IT security.
  • Why video and theory are not enough for upskilling your professionals.

The Human Factor

For organizations to properly secure their tech they need to identify their weakest links. As long as humans are controlling systems, a loophole can always be found. In the foreseeable future, the human factor in IT will always exist. Organizations need to focus on educating their professionals on the latest tools and technology to effectively strengthen their IT security posture and prevent harmful breaches.


What is Instruqt?

Instruqt is a challenge-driven IT learning platform. We believe that the most effective way for IT professionals to learn new technologies is through an immersive approach that focuses on building tacit knowledge in a fun and effective way.  Instruqt is your home of digital Instruqtors. Enterprises use our learning solution to upskill their teams at scale to propel their organizations into the digital future through transformation. IT vendors teach real-world usage of their products on our platform to increase product knowledge, and drive adoption, and increase revenue growth. Instruqt is proudly a part of the Xebia Group.

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Katy Andreeva

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