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Sep 13, 2019 | Podcast

We have some exciting news! Our CTO and Co-founder, Ade Mochtar, was recently invited to talk on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Podcast to share the secret in building and maintaining our hands-on learning platform. While talking with the GCP Podcast hosts, he also tells our story of how Instruqt got started. Later on, Sandeep of Google stops in with new information on the Instruqt arcade games everyone saw at Google Next ‘19.

Listen to his conversation below!

At Instruqt, we believe learning by doing is the best way to develop new skills. We also believe learning should be fun. So, we built a new platform that combines those beliefs. The result, which we’ve shared with our fellow engineers, can best be described as a hands-on arcade challenge. 

Developers are asked coding questions and allowed to work in sandbox environments to fully expose them to the subject. Instruqt checks the student’s work as they continue through the program to ensure the material is being properly learned. – Google Cloud Platform Podcast

As of March 2019, Instruqt has been working with Google. The collaboration came about because Sandeep, a developer advocate for GCP, saw our work at Container Days last year. He loved our concept and immediately pitched the idea to his colleagues. It turns out Google had been looking for a way to engage attendees at Google Cloud Next ’19 and wanted a solution that would offer a challenging environment while boosting product adoption. 

By putting developer challenges on old-style arcade machines, developers can test their coding skills, learn new things, and have fun at the same time. At conferences, this has been a great way to engage their target audience. Google Cloud games were run on the Instruqt platform at Next ‘19, and conference attendees came back day after day to try to get on the high score leaderboard. It was a super fun way to

get people using Google Cloud technologies.  – Google Cloud Platform Podcast

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