How to Boost Your Attendee Engagement at The Next Tech Conference; Virtual or Not

How to Increase Engagement and Drive Product Adoption with Gamification

Have you ever walked into a conference with the hope of learning something new? Then, a few hours later, you realize all you’ve really done is waste your time listening to a series of sales pitches. Imagine walking into a conference, where you see a booth that actually gives you the opportunity to develop new skills while having a good time. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

In this webinar, Instruqt’s Deborah Burton discusses how Google Cloud boosts product adoption and customer training at conferences and events with Brent Shaffer and Martin Varela, Developer Program Engineers at Google Inc.

Join our On-Demand Webinar to learn how your organization can stand out from the crowd and benefit from using a challenge-driven platform and gamification at events to showcase products, increase engagement and boost product adoption.

Register to Learn:

  • How Google Cloud manages to stand out from the crowd at tech conferences and encourages attendee engagement and networking using the Instruqt Arcades.
  • Why the challenge-driven approach meets the needs of the modern learner when it comes to learning.
  • How technology companies can be innovative and scale their customers’ training  by using a learning platform that is both fun and effective.


35 Minutes

Guest Speakers

Brent Shaffer

Brent Shaffer

Developer Programs Engineer, Google Inc.

As a Developer Program Engineer Brent Shaffer works with the  Google Cloud Customers, more specifically developers and helps them integrate with Google Cloud Platform. At the moment he is works mainly on open source libraries such as GitHub to support his customers and drive adoption.

Martin Varela

Martin Varela

Developer Programs Engineer, Google Inc.

Martin been at Google for about seven years. At Google he has had the opportunity to wear several of different hats. Recently he has put on the hat of a developer programs engineer. His main works on internal infrastructure to help other developers and engineers do their job better.

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