Product overview

Create custom hands-on trainings and demos

With Instruqt, creating hands-on labs becomes easy. Define the infrastructure consisting of a combination of containers, VM's or Cloud providers, write the notes and code the challenges.

Make training and demos more effective

Interactive content motivates and engages participants to complete assignments. Your prospects are more likely to complete the demo and convert to paying customers, while you get insights in how your product is used.

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Embed content

Embed interactive content

Increase the effectiveness of your tutorials and documentation by embedding interactive content. Instruqt integrates with any learn management system.

Validate solutions

One of the key features of Instruqt is the ability of validating the solution. Users are presented with a challenge and need to complete the challenge to proceed to the next one. When they press the check button, the solution is validated. This helps you keep track of progress, and gives you the ability to assess the knowledge of the users.

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Powerful editor

It doesn't matter how complex your product is, we support any technology on any cloud. With the editor you can customize the setup and script installations. And for the commandline heros: yes, we also have a commandline interface.

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Contact us and we will create a personalized demo using your product and technology. We will show you how we built the demo and how you can improve it yourself.

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