July Update: Timer-based Challenges, Enhanced Platform Capacity, and Track Development Automation

Jul 6, 2020 | Product Update

Welcome to our product update blog with the latest improvements to the platform. The past few months just flew by, that’s not to say that it’s been an easy few months. All of us had to adapt to a new way of working, communicating, and learning. This hasn’t stopped us! We, the Instruqt Team, are proud to say that we continue to work towards creating a platform that is enjoyable and effective for the track developers and learners.

Here are three significant updates to our platform, with more to come in the future. Check out the video above to catch a peek.

New Feature for Time-Based Challenges 

We are introducing an improved time-based challenge experience to track developers and students. Track developers have always been able to create time limits to their tracks, but the timer was not prominent. Now the track developers and learners have a better experience with timed tracks.

We have designed an intuitive way for learners to see how much time they have to complete their tracks. Allowing track developers to indicate how much longer the digital environment will be up and running for the learner.

Here is a small break down:

Developers: Now will receive a little notification showing us the timer has been turned on successful.

Learners: Now will have a timer on the upper right part of the screen. They will be presented with a timer and a status bar indicating how much time they have left to complete the whole track. Starting from the amount of time set by the track developer to zero minutes.

The learners will be able to see how much time is left to finish a track by the color changes of the status bar from green to orange to red.

Expanded Capacity

Because of the new way of working and communication, more and more customers have started offering virtual workshops using our platform for large audiences. Now it’s possible for any organization to easily support thousands of people working on the same track, simultaneously.

Enhanced User Role Management

Gain more control over the content within your track. We have started rolling out the first steps of having better support for different roles in an organization on the Instruqt Platform. Only users who have been given the role of track developers will be able to manage tracks for the organization, instead of any member of that organization. 

Automated Track Resource Name Changes

When track developers change the names of virtual machines and docker files, the scripts and tabs utilizing that specific resource will stay intact. Our platform will change the resources names automatically.

Stay Tuned

We are preparing a lot of things under the hood as a preparation for our future plans. Watch the video to the end to get a sneak at what our platform will look like in the near future. 


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