Accelerate Product Adoption

Help customers master your technologies faster by delivering bite-sized interactive tutorials using your software on Instruqt.

Increase Product Usage and Reduce Churn

As a tech vendor, success begins at first touch with your product. Showing the value of your product straight away determines your success. Think of Instruqt as a big online booth in the cloud – an eternal conference where you as tech vendor and tech professionals meet, showcase yourself, network and collaborate.

Use Instruqt to create sandbox environments using real infrastructure to train and educate your teams, customers, prospects.

We take your tech and put it in containers or VMs on our cloud, then our platform allows you to access and share it via browser or embed it in HTML. Once you’ve got your tech on our platform, creating content to educate, train, market, and share. Your prospects and customers get to know your product in your own environment. 


Drive Retention and Growth

With Instruqt you can create guided product tutorials with hands-on labs using real infrastructure and simulate any scenario or customer use cases. Later on, We collect analytics of your users’ behavior based on the tutorials so you can identify your customers’ pain points and further improve your customer success strategy.

Educate your customers to Decrease Customer Churning, improve Product Adoption, And Make your Customers Happy.

“Using Instruqt, we were able to reduce our setup time by 95%, thus giving us more time to interact with the customers attending the training, and being able to deliver training of an even higher quality and consistency.”

– Ben Hählen, Director of Customer Success EMEA

 XebiaLabs, Boston, USA

Explore our Solutions for 

Product Adoption

Let your customers experience the wow-factor of your product instantly and drive adoption with training. Use Instruqt to create sandbox environments using real infrastructure to train and educate your teams, customers, prospects

Upskilling and Reskilling 

Every enterprise is in some form of digital transformation. With the talent shortage, they need to get from A to B with the same people. There’s a genuine need to upskill at scale. Let Instruqt help you.

Experience the power of Instruqt for tech learning

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