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Simple Pricing for Training of Any Size

Create a great learning experience with our usage-based pricing plan. You have the flexibility to grow as your need for hands-on virtual IT training grows.

The Engine to Run Your Browser-Based Challenge-Driven Learning

Do you know what is challenge-driven learning? Experience the power of Instruqt with a live 30-minute demo! See how the Instruqt platform can boost your product adoption with active, bite-sized learning that runs on personal virtual environments. Discover the learning platform made for IT engineers.

How Instruqt's Platform Pricing Works

Our pricing is based on a base monthly subscription fee + usage costs per sandbox environment.

Ask yourself the three questions below to understand how Instruqt’s Platform usage costs work

Space: How much RAM you will need to spin up your technology in a virtual sandbox?

Each participant following a training or a workshop will get a personal sandbox environment with your technology, configuration, and challenges.

Time: How long you would like a single personal sandbox environment to run during a session?

Free up your time, Instruqt will manage and monitor your virtual environments. Once a participant reaches the time limit you’ve specified, Instruqt will end the environment’s session and destroy the environment.

Audience Size: How many times will your participants click “start”, and begin to master your product?

Simplify training set up. Invite participants to join your training using a simple URL link. People can access your training during a live workshop, via a company blog, social media, Slack, e-mail, or any channel of communication.

Need to integrate your training with cloud provider resources?

No problem. The Instruqt platform can give your learners access to all major providers (AWS, Azure, and GCP). Instruqt handles the creation and maintenance of the accounts with the cloud provider and gives your learners temporary credentials to access these accounts. You don’t have to manage any of that yourself anymore and only focus on delivering the best training experience.

The Instruqt platform is:

✔ Vendor agnostic
✔ 100% browser-based
✔ Designed for bite-sized learning
✔ Supporting Virtual Machines, Containers, and Cloud Resources
Learn DevOps Instruqt Learning Platform
Get a quote and start a free trial to experience
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Can I have a free trial?

Of course! We offer a 14-day free trial. After you book a call with us, our team can set up an account for you. During the free trial, you and your team will have the opportunity to try out all features with unlimited users and waived infrastructure costs. The only catch is that the content is hosted privately. Contact us to see a demo or directly get started with Instruqt.

What type of content can I create or use on Instruqt?
We are vendor agnostic! You can enrich your learning content with cloud provider resources, your technology’s UI, command-line interfaces, slides, quizzes, notes, and even embed videos from YouTube.
What do I do if my team and I need help?
Contact us! Every package includes access to our exclusive Slack support channel, where you can ask us questions at any time. We even offer premium onboarding support; this includes content creation workshops, company-wide demos, technical support, and content reviews.
I want to use your cloud provider resources, which providers do you support?
We support the major cloud providers; AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Do you need support from another provider? Then let us know during the demo call.
I am interested in using the Instruqt platform, how can I get more info about pricing?
That is great news! If you want to get more information about our pricing then schedule a call with our commercial director Michiel Zeinstra.

IT Professionals Love Learning on Instruqt

“If you have a tutorial, you have to select a single level either beginner, intermediate, or expert-level at what that tutorial will accomplish. But with Instruqt, a beginner can learn from the challenges, and an expert can confirm their knowledge or authority on a particular topic.”


Brent Shaffer

Developer Programs Engineer, Google Inc.

“IT Professionals love the challenge-driven learning experience. They love that Instruqt gives instant feedback after solving a challenge.

Instruqt really helps learners go through and understand what they’re doing.”

Ben Hählen

Director of Customer Success,

“People love games. Instruqt’s challenge-driven learning transforms dull training material into a fun and engaging experience. Users retain more knowledge and are more likely to complete the entire training when they have a series of stepping stones or sub-tasks to complete along the way.”

Sean Carolan

Technology Specialist Terraform, Hashicorp