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Instruqt Appoints New CEO Coert Baart

Instruqt, a leading tech learning platform, today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Coert Baart as Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors effective immediately. Baart recently served as Co-founder and CEO of XebiaLabs (acquired by TPG and now part of Digital.ai), He is a veteran of the software industry and has held senior leadership positions at several high growth software companies over an impressive 20-year career. Based in Amsterdam, Baart will bring his sales, marketing, and product expertise to lead Instruqt’s continued growth in a rapidly expanding industry.

“In this digital-first world, enterprises are investing more in new software and technologies, but there is a massive barrier to implementing them into production—the skill sets. Employees need to get up to speed with these latest technologies to enhance utilization and gain ROI. Until now, the adoption of new technology remains a challenge. Many enterprises struggle to incorporate innovation to achieve their strategic goals. Instruqt’s learning platform eases the use of new technologies, enabling engineers to onboard new technologies faster and overcome their hurdles to innovation. Instruqt helps organizations make their innovation goals a reality. I am excited to lead the company and build on the already impressive momentum.”

Coert Baart

CEO, Instruqt

Baart served as CEO and EVP of XebiaLabs Software, a leader in DevOps software, helping the business grow from the start to over $40million in revenues within ten years. Earlier in his career, Baart served as VP of Sales at Business Objects and SAP.

Instruqt is bringing tech learning to a whole new level. It offers a unique platform that enables both tech companies and enterprises to educate the modern learner. 100,000+ engineers have developed new skills on Instruqt. Tech companies including Digital.ai, Google Cloud, HashiCorp are using Instruqt for sales enablement and customer training.

Instruqt hands-on labs make it possible for engineers to take the first leap to use new technology with private sandbox environments on their browsers. Engineers solve coding scenarios and work in safe environments that fully expose them to an application stack’s value. The sandbox gives them the freedom to experiment without worrying about breaking infrastructures, costs, and budgets. At each step of the learning journey, the engineer is supported with instant feedback to validate their actions and ensure quality learning. Instruqt is not a platform that shows people where to click and what to do next! On the Instruqt Platform, tech adoption happens when engineers can think along and find new ways to challenge problems. 

“We are thrilled to have Coert leading Instruqt as the market opens up for our solutions. He is a proven leader with growth-stage success, direct experience in our markets, and the capacity to bring people together. On behalf of the board and employees of Instruqt, we welcome him on board.”

Daan Teunissen

Chairman of Instruqt’s Board of Directors

With the appointment of Baart as CEO, the current CEO Deborah Burton will become the VP Strategic Alliances, where she will focus on building and expanding Instruqts’s Global Partner network.

About Instruqt
Learning is one of the most underleveraged “assets”. Instruqt has a simple goal, transform tech learning into an engaging experience of guided discovery. Our mission is to help organizations create a learner-centric and enjoyable tech learning experience for internal and customer training. Instruqt brings tech learning to the modern learners that make up the next generation of DevOps engineers. We believe that by cultivating a world of better learners, faster thinkers, and problem-solvers, organizations are well-positioned to thrive.

Connie Tai
Chief Marketing Officer. Achieving total customer relevance and sustained growth are the key drivers in her strategy. She brings a wealth of experience in B2B marketing, digital marketing, and eCommerce. Before Instruqt, Connie has worked in the edtech industry at the startup phase as well as the scaling phase.

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