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Instruqt Secures €2 Million in Funding

Instruqt, a Netherlands-based challenge-driven learning platform, today announced that it has received a €2 Million funding injection from its parent company, Xebia Investment Holding, to expand its online learning offerings. This decision comes following the appointment of the new CEO of Instruqt, Deborah Burton, in October 2019.

Instruqt’s mission is to provide online training to enterprises to upskill tech professionals at scale and cost-effectively.

Instruqt looks to broaden its solutions to answer the urgent needs of enterprises to train up IT professionals at scale and affordably. The investment will be used to expand the challenge-based learning paths consisting of up to 750 tracks featuring topics in Cloud Computing, DevOps, Data Science, and Security, which are the key domains of knowledge for enterprises going through digital transformation. The learning paths will carry the quality stamp of Xebia as an authority in digital transformation as they will be powered by the experts from the Xebia Group, including GoDataDriven, Binx.io, Xebia DevOps, and Xebia Security.

Many organizations today are busy with some form of digital transformation. As a result, there’s an urgent need to upskill enterprise IT teams continuously and at scale to support these initiatives. However, the current ways of learning can’t keep up with the ever-increasing pace of IT in an always available, always-on, 24×7 world. Instruqt offers an immersive approach to learn new technologies that focuses on building tacit knowledge with hands-on gamification that challenges learners to learn.

Daan Teunissen, CEO Xebia Group“The widening skills gap remains the biggest challenge to enterprises looking to transform themselves. The funding will allow Instruqt to enrich their learning offerings in combination with a state-of-the-art learning platform so that enterprise IT teams can master these new technologies to accelerate transformation,” says Daan Teunissen, CEO Xebia Investment Holding.


CEO Instruqt“Instruqt is innovating IT learning. We are proud to receive this new funding injection as a recognition of the strong product-market fit of our platform. With the rising shortage of IT talents, companies across all sectors and industries are focusing on getting their existing teams future-ready. Our objective is to provide them a modern, affordable, cost-effective way to get their teams ready,” says Deborah Burton, CEO Instruqt.





Challenge-Driven Learning Platform

Instruqt helps enterprise IT teams keep ahead of the technology curve with hands-on learning by solving challenges.

Connie Tai
As the CMO at Instruqt, Connie oversees the overall marketing strategy across all marketing initiatives, acquisition channels, and distribution channels. Together with her team, she's responsible for the company's blogs, podcasts, overall content strategy, and product launch and customer demand campaigns.

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