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“Information without context is arbitrary and meaningless... The right context is the right opportunity—the teachable, and supportable, moment—and you want to seize it to provide the best chance for your organization to succeed.”

Dr. Clark Quinn

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The Next Step for Learning: Practical Contextualization, Learning Solutions Magazine

A practical guide to fast track employee adoption of your tech stacks

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Fast track employee adoption of your tech stacks

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CIOs, as your tech stacks are unique, offering relevant training to your IT people is a whole different ball game. Regular classroom or video training doesn’t do the trick. 

Why? IT people love learning in their familiar IT environment. And they need the guidance and hands-on training on your tech stacks and implementation to master the technologies.

The learning experts at Instruqt have prepared this report on how IT leaders can save wasted corporate learning dollars and maximize Tech ROI. In this free guide, you will learn:

- The ugly truths why training investments are not delivering results for CIOs

- The 10x effective approach to boost tech learning at the enterprise

-  Amazing use cases that will delight your IT people

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