How to reduce churn and accelerate customer adoption

In today’s tech world, most companies see the immense opportunities of using customer training to accelerate product adoption and reduce churn. That said, very often they lack a platform to do so effectively. In this webinar, Instruqt’s Deborah Burton discusses how making use of the Instruqt platform levels up customer onboarding and training at XebiaLabs with Ben Hählen, Director of Customer Success.

Join our On-Demand Webinar to learn how your organization can benefit from running customer success training on an online challenge-driven platform in the classroom or self-paced.

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  • How XebiaLabs manages to raise the quality of customer training and improves the learning experience using the Instruqt platform.
  • Why the challenge-driven approach meets the needs of the modern learner when it comes to learning.
  • How technology companies can scale their customers’ onboarding and training using Instruqt.


35 Minutes

Guest Speaker

Ben Hählen

Ben Hählen

Director of Customer Success

As a Director of Customer Success, Ben, and his team help companies implement the XebiaLabs tools in their organizations. XebiaLabs develops enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery and DevOps software, providing companies with the visibility, automation, and control they need to deliver software faster and with less risk. Global market leaders rely on XebiaLabs to meet the increasing demand for accelerated and more reliable software releases.

Katy Andreeva
Katy Andreeva

Katy is passionate about learning. Some believe they know everything, and then some seek to learn something new every day. She believes there is a mutual benefit in learning. Businesses financially benefit from working with people who want to learn. Individuals benefit by expanding their expertise and knowledge for the future. She seeks to understand the habits of those who are every curious and improving themselves and how to empower them.

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