Learn new technologies

Learn by doing

Learning should be doing

There are numerous platforms providing high quality video’s, tutorials and courses. But we believe you learn better by doing things yourself. By solving challenges and experiencing failures, you will be more engaged.

“Learning is Experience. Everything else is just information.”
- Albert Einstein

Getting started is really easy

Login with your Github or Google account or sign up with your e-mailaddress. Because we spin up real infrastructure, we need to know who you are. When you’re logged in, choose any Topic or Track and start learning. If you would like to know how Instruqt works, just choose the Getting started with Instruqt track. This track will show you how to work with the Instruqt interface.

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Learn by doing

Whenever, whereever

Instruqt runs in your browser. No need to configure your laptop or modify firewalls. Just login and start playing.

Hands-on challenges

Learn to solve challenges yourself. Instruqt provides just enough hints to complete the assignment.

Learning is fun

No more boring video’s or tutorials, but real-life challenges. Discover how fun it is to solve them!

Use Instruqt for assessments

Did you know you can use Instruqt to assess the skills of your candidates? This will avoid wrong hires and accelerate the hiring process.

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