There is a new IT conference in town and it’s called Kubernetes Community Days Amsterdam. We were there spreading knowledge with our arcade and conversation. Read to see what community leaders think about Kubernetes and its future. 

Kubernetes Community Days (KCD19), is an awesome technical conference for developers and operations people supported by CNCF. It was a perfect event for IT professionals looking to broaden their knowledge on cloud-native technologies and share their experiences, ideas, frustrations, or failures.  

Let me walk you through the event and give you some highlights of KCD19! 

It was a single-track event filled with great technical talks, demos, and lightning talks focused on what’s relevant for the cloud-native community. The event offered great coffee, sweets, and food to sustain everyone through the day! Not to mention, an awesome group of people were brought together, to be more specific 300 people, making it a great opportunity to initiate some great discussions. 

The talks

If you were there you had the opportunity to listen to some great talks. Just to name a few.

Daniel Messer and Maxim Burgerhout, the Product Manager and Principal Solution Architect for RedHat, gave an in-depth technical talk walking through creating and running Kubernetes Operators with the Operator Framework. 

Dan Kohn the executive director for CNCF shared the compelling and funny story of how so many companies come up with similar solutions for their scaling challenges, simultaneously. 

Andrew Randall gave his two sense on Kubernetes management, sharing the hard way to managed multi-cloud, filled with war stories and realities of getting to a managed multi-cloud. To learn more about his journey, check out the slides to his talk

The discussions

In the spirit of sharing knowledge and being a part of the community, we started some interesting conversations around the topic of the cloud and open source. Julian, our marketing guy, asked people what they are passionate about and thoughts and tips around cloud, Kubernetes, and company transformations. You can can check out a few of them below!

Ralph Squillace, Principal Program Manager for Microsoft, shares his thoughts on the future of Kubernetes and other Open Sources projects.



Diane Muller (Director of Community Development for OpenShift), Georgia Collis (Consultant at Jefferson Frank), and Ruben Visser (DevOps Consultant) share with us why the Kubernetes “crafting table” is unstoppable.


Luc Perkins, a Dev advocate for CNCF and Co-author of Seven Databases in Seven Weeks, explains Kubernetes and gives his number one tip on how to get started.



Jan Offierski, Thomas Richter, and Willem Jan Glerum about the importance of learning in the IT industry. They share their tips, tricks, and frustrations to stay relevant with new technology.


And more, you can find the rest of the discussions on our YouTube Channel.

End of the Day

All in all, it was a lovely day, full of inspirational and insightful talks ended with great music and a veggie BBQ ( I know, for once the vegetarians have the upper hand at a tech event). 

The whole Instruqt team had a wonderful time having conversations with great individuals, inviting people to play with our free Kubernetes hands-on courses, and catching up with those we haven’t seen in a while. 

Katy Andreeva
Katy Andreeva

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