This year, Jefta van der Woerd and I had the opportunity to meet and chat with some of you at the ninth edition of the GOTO Amsterdam Conference. 

An event created by developers for developers! 

The Beurs van Berlage was filled with developers, from every niche and industry, excited to attend talks organized by Trifork. With tracks focused on the most important tech innovations and ideas this year. This included; quantum computing, DevOps, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Micro-services, and many other IT-related subjects. 

I personally, didn’t have that much time to attend the talks, but I did get the chance to listen to three of them. 

The first being the legendary Iron Maiden singer, Bruce Dickinson, as he shared his expertise in marketing and his thoughts on the importance of creating a brand and product that will create fans, not customers.

In the second talk, I listened to Google experts Matt Feigal, Christian Heels, and Lee Boonstra share behind the scenes action in building Google Tulip with serverless technology and machine learning.  



And the third one was the last talk of the event. Jaideep Bansal shared his cause in working with the Himalayan villages to give them access to electricity, modern communication, and education. 


These GOTO talks were very inspirational, gave great insights, and made me laugh. 

Outside of the talks, the event was filled with many interesting people and I had the chance to connect with them via Fussball, simulated race car driving, or food. I have to say the food was by far the best I’ve had at a conference yet.


So then you may ask, why were you guys really there? 

The answer is, my colleague Jefta (CEO) and I were there on a mission at GOTO. We were walking around the grand hall wanting to talk to you, the tech professionals. We were eager to listen to your stories and thoughts about your employer’s “learning and development” program efforts. We wanted to know how are they supporting your learning journey. 

Jefta and I succeeded in listening and surveying over 180 people, and have come up with some very interesting results. Stay tuned to read a new blog about the results soon!

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