What is Devopsdays? What do you gain by going to tech community events? Read about my experience at Devopsdays and listen to DevOps experts and IT professionals share their views on community and DevOps.

A few weeks ago, I had my first Devopsdays experience. It was an impressive event, with a combination of expert stage presentations and small group talks. What is Devopsdays? It is a technical conference, focused on the tech community and powered by local volunteers. The topics in these events cover software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them. 

Who am I? I am Katy, a team member of Instruqt. We are a team, focused on building a platform to empower IT professionals and their organizations – so they can be better at what they do. How? By offering gamified hands-on learning experiences. We want to ensure that you are learning the right technical skills to go further in your career and help the organization transition to DevOps. Apart from learning by doing and just getting your hands dirty with a new tool, we believe community events are a great avenue for learning. 

Here are several reasons why community events, like Devopsdays, are a great place to share knowledge and learn. 

You will Get Better Acquainted with The DevOps Mindset

There is more to DevOps than knowing how to do CI/CD, test automation, and GIT. DevOps is also about being inclusive, removing the barriers between developers and operators so that you and your team can work together – in sync. DevOps gurus call this mindset and culture. And it is not something you learn in a classroom. It is something you have to experience, and later on, implement to your working situation. The best way to learn the DevOps mindset is by doing it yourself. Sign up for the DevOps community conference, share your knowledge and experiences. Whether if it’s by doing a hands-on workshop or brainstorming organizational structure, these types of events are a great place to start.

The Opportunity to Discuss What is Relevant for You

The opportunities to gain new insights on topics you especially care about, at the moment, are rare. The greatest thing about well-organized community events is the fact you get to talking about relevant topics with people who can relate to you. Are you going through a tech transition at work? Are you having a hard time translating your project objectives and results to your stakeholders? You are not the only one, and someone else may already have a hack for success. 


Sharing your knowledge and experience with others, and vis-versa, is priceless. Keep an eye out for events that will help you initiate valuable conversations. Some events tend to do an excellent job at this, like, Devopsdays. They have a concept called open spaces, allowing attendees to talk about anything. The topics can range from highly technical, to pure culture, to board games for networking. There is a lot to be learned in this type of setting. 

It is Great Way to Learn About What is New In the Tech World

Open up your favorite tech news website, and what will you find? I bet you will have tens, if not hundreds, of articles informing you about the newest thing in tech. It is no secret the tech industry is changing at an accelerating pace, but with the change comes a lot of noise. Community events help filter the noise. They allow you to see, listen, and discuss what tools to use. It doesn’t matter if it’s for work or fun. The internet gives us a lot of information, but discussions and demos can help lower your choices and make the right decision on tooling. 

What is Instruqt?

Instruqt is a learning-by-doing IT platform. We are here to help your team build new skills for your organization’s tech transformation. Create a gamified and effective learning program by producing byte-sized content guaranteed to engage your employees. Delve into how your employees are progressing with new content by using insights. Instruqt is here to support you in building your employee development and knowledge sharing journey.

Get started with Instruqt! Check out our platform — refresh your skills in a KubernetesKnativeKafkaand Terraform. Instruqt is here to support you in your learning journey.

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