Codemotion 2018 is sponsored by Instruqt and Xebia!

Mar 29, 2018 | Events

On May 8-9 the largest tech conference for developers, Codemotion, will take place in Amsterdam and we will be there! Erik Veld, one of the founders of Instruqt, is invited to talkabout the technical details of the online learning platform. Instruqt offers online courses for IT professionals. Together with our friends from Xebia, we decided to sponsor the event as well. During the event, you can try to beat us by solving challenges using our retro arcade machine. Stay tuned for more details, we will be posting the making-of soon!

Instruqt at Codemotion 2018

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At Xebia Software Development we increase speed, flexibility, and scalability with agile software development. Our software development consultants are among the best, leading digital experts in the industry. Highly-trained technology authorities, they enthusiastically seek and share knowledge. More than developers, they are also advisors, teachers, troubleshooters, coaches and sparring partners who are passionate about turning companies into digital winners.

Sharing knowledge on computer science at Xebia

If you are more than just a code monkey and you believe that you are talented you will love Xebia. Please check our careers:

About Codemotion 2018

Codemotion is not just a conference, but a platform that connects IT professionals, companies and communities together. Codemotion organizes 8 conferences in 7 countries, and is attended by more than 500.000 developers. During the conference you can participate in hackathons, trainings and listen to inspiring talks and demos.

The Amsterdam edition takes place for the third time, and has a line-up of more than 70 speakers. Sign up now for Codemotion 2018 to listen to Erik’s talk about Instruqt.

Let’s have a coffee together during the event!

We’d love to meet you and talk in person. Please mail us at We hope to see you at the event!

Katy Andreeva
Katy Andreeva

Katy is passionate about learning. Some believe they know everything, and then some seek to learn something new every day. She believes there is a mutual benefit in learning. Businesses financially benefit from working with people who want to learn. Individuals benefit by expanding their expertise and knowledge for the future. She seeks to understand the habits of those who are every curious and improving themselves and how to empower them.

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