Chris is an expert in Azure DevOps & Automation. He helps a customer become great in Microsoft Azure. Watch the video to find out how!

What is a Microsoft Azure Expert?

A Microsoft Azure expert is someone who helps a customer become well-versed in Microsoft Azure. Empowering them to use the tool box you have there as effectively as possible and transforming their current processes to maximize the use of that public cloud instead of just lifting and shifting your workload without using the benefits of the cloud.

What technical skills do you Need To Have For Microsoft Azure

An important toolkit is, of course, Azure. But more skills are needed to do the job. Chris comes from a development background, so he used to be a programmer. He has done C# programming for a lot of years. He believes having developer skills can help IT professionals maximize their use of the cloud. That way an in-house DevOps team will own the whole technical process.

Why is Microsoft Azure important to business impact?

The impact Azure has on companies is speed. At his current assignment, they were doing things on-premise, which may take up to three months to finish. Once his client, took on the public cloud and new processes he along with his Xpirit colleagues cooked together, they can do the same work in three days. The shift from 90 days to 3 days is a huge change. Companies can get up or running with new workloads fast. 

What are your proudest professional accomplishments in Microsoft Azure?

His proudest achievement is an assignment he did with Xpirit. He and his team had to set up a whole new environment and whole new department inside of the company, separate from the traditional I.T. departments. The reason for this was so they could do a totally new workload in three months that would usually take client three years. Their client was very impressed with their work and it was also project that got Xpirit, Microsoft Partner of the Year award. 


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