How to enable your teams’ with the tech skills to become a software-driven company

To get from A to B with your digital transformation journey, you need to transform the existing workforce and get them where they need to be. However, upskilling initiatives may seem unaffordable and unrealizable if you look at the current forms of workforce training. 

In this guide, you will:

  • Learn what IT Professionals need in order to master new tools and technologies
  • Discover how to pivot your learning strategies to meet the needs of the modern learner
  • Explore the 5 elements that can supercharge your upskilling programs

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How to enable your teams' with the tech skills to become a software driven company.

Adé is Co-Founder and CTO of Instruqt. Before starting Instruqt, he was an engineer and consultant in Cloud and DevOps-related topics. A big part of that job was to educate organizations on how to adopt new technology.

With Instruqt, he tries to achieve the same but on a larger scale. His mission is to make learning DevOps and Cloud more effective and fun. Adé mainly focuses on back-end and infrastructure engineering using Terraform, Go, and (probably too much) Bash.

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