Shorten your end-to-end sales cycle

The answer to shortening your  end-to-end sales cycle

Our customers are mostly tech companies. What we’ve discovered is that success begins at the first touch with the product. The longer it takes for your prospects to perceive value during the free trials, the less likely they are to buy the product or additional features. We’ve tried many ourselves and can tell you from first-hand experience; your prospects can easily get lost in free trials. Too often it takes too much effort to make the free trial work.

In this guide, you will learn:

✔️ Why your users got disengaged during the free trials

✔️ How to improve the free trial experience

✔️ The benefits and outcomes using Instruqt to boost product adoption

Coert Baart
Coert Baart

Baart recently served as Co-founder and CEO of XebiaLabs (acquired by TPG and now part of, He is a veteran of the software industry and has held senior leadership positions at several high growth software companies over an impressive 20-year career.

Based in Amsterdam, Baart will bring his sales, marketing, and product expertise to lead Instruqt’s continued growth in a rapidly expanding industry.

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