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Successful data-driven transformation needs a workforce that ingrains data and AI into their way of working. Let us help you turn your data-driven ambitions into reality.

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The Path To Becoming A Data-Driven Organization

Getting to Grips With Data & AI Technologies

Master Python, R, Spark, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning with hands-on challenges on the Instruqt platform.

Scale Your Data Capabilities

Reap the benefits from data, by teaching your team to become skilled in putting predictive models into production. 

Educate Your Team on Data at All Levels

Our diverse selection of courses fit the needs of those who just started at a junior level as well as those who are on the path to becoming a senior data scientist.

Learn Today, Apply Tomorrow

Enable your team to accelerate data science initiatives and increase the business values by putting your newly acquired skills to use right away.

Develop Skills on Python, Apache Spark, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning


Learning paths


Junior Data Scientist Path
Learning Goals: 

✅ Understand the basics of Machine Learning concepts.
✅ Write good code with the guidance of others.
✅ Quickly apply the right category of models to a data set.



Python Essentials


Data Science with Python Foundation

Medior Data Scientist Path

Learning Goals:
✅ Evaluate which data and algorithms are best suited to solve a real-world business problem.
✅ Write good code, and understand the performance tradeoffs of different models and data structures.
✅ Effectively use a distributed framework to do Data Science (e.g. Spark).



Production-Ready Machine Learning


Data Science with Python Advanced

Senior Data Scientist Path

Learning Goals:
✅ Evaluate the tradeoffs needed to bring a model into production, including the data and scoring/modeling/training/monitoring side.
✅ Effectively communicate with the engineering side and business side on how to accommodate tradeoffs with their departments.
✅ Master a distributed framework when it comes to Data Science and the various tradeoffs the framework has (i.e. performance implications, etc).


Data Science with Spark


Deep Learning

Meet Our Data Science Author

With a background in Theoretical Physics, experience in the management consulting department of KPMG, and almost 10 years of experience in the Data & AI field, Giovanni knows what it takes to create successful teams and companies in this space.

Giovanni is regularly invited to speak at conferences and events such as meetups, online seminars, podcasts, and expo’s.

He successfully helped clients such as ING,, Uber, Ebay, and KLM.

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Giovanni Lanzani

Managing Director of Learning and Development

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