About us

At Instruqt, we focus on delivering tech vendors the ultimate, interactive learning platform to achieve faster product adoption and better lead qualification.


Instruqt is on a mission to change the way of adopting new technologies, by providing a platform which makes it easy to create and distribute interactive, high quality learning tracks in every IT tool or product.


It will become the norm for tech vendors to use interactive, hands-on product tutorials based on challenges to better qualify their leads and increase product adoption. Companies are facing more and more competition in their areas and will have to differentiate themselves even faster in the market. In addition, consumers are increasingly independent in looking for the product that suits them.

We believe that Instruqt is the new way of learning technologies, and that the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty. By adding challenges into every learning track, people will have to think for themselves instead of use prewritten solutions (or monkey see- monkey do). This will encourage the need to explore and learn from mistakes. Because of the use of real-time validation, people will be guided through every step of their learning journey.

Therefore, an online, hands-on training model like Instruqt is indispensable for companies that want to quickly introduce or train their users to their product and key features.

Members of the board

Daan Teunissen
Daan Teunissen CEO & Investor

Daan Teunissen is the founder of Xebia Group, a collection of services organizations covering virtually all aspects of modern IT, and CEO of StackState. Under Daan’s guidance, Xebia Group has flourished and given birth to multiple new companies, among others XebiaLabs, Instruqt and StackState. Xebia Group companies operate from offices in NL, FR, India, Middle East and US and has a total revenue of close to 100M USD.

Michel den Braver
Michel den Braver CFO & Investor

Michel den Braver, who serves as overseer to the board and CFP, has more than 20 years experience within the IT industry. Michel fulfilled various finance roles, at Oracle, for almost 10 years, both domestic and international. After Oracle he was Finance Director for BroadVision in the Benelux area. After BroadVision, Michel was responsible for both the Dutch and Belgian subsidiary of BEA Systems for a period of 3 years. Both BroadVision and BEA are listed at NASDAQ.

Adé Mochtar
Adé Mochtar CTO

Adé Mochtar is co-founder and CTO of Instruqt. He has over 15 years of experience in IT, in which he has had many roles, including being a developer, IT architect, trainer and consultant. Within Instruqt he is responsible for backend, infrastructure and overall quality of product.