Community Events 

With a simple deployment system, a robust and enterprise-ready authentication mechanism, Instruqt enables you to reduce setup time of your environment by 95%.

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration 

Our research shows that over 75% of tech professionals feel responsible for the learning and development of their peers. Engineers and Techies collaborate and work together to share knowledge in an organic learning community that transcends company borders.

This peer-2-peer learning process is already an objective reality – we simply aim to support and facilitate it. Instruqt offers an infrastructure that supports hackathons, competitions with real-life challenges at scale for 100s to 1000s participants.

Google and Instruqt Collaboration 

Since March 2019, Instruqt has been working with Google. The collaboration came about because a developer advocate for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) saw our work at Container Days last year. He loved our concept and immediately pitched the idea to his colleagues. It turns out Google had been looking for a way to engage attendees at Google Cloud Next ’19 and wanted a solution that would offer a challenging environment while boosting product adoption.

Our interactive learning platform was exactly what they were looking for. We built seven arcade machines powered by the Instruqt platform, while Google built tracks and challenges centered around GCP.

“We’ve found that when users are just copy/pasting commands from a tutorial, they might understand the general gist of the solution they are learning, but tend to forget the specifics very quickly because they are not fully engaged. We’ve found that having a non-guided assignment or challenge makes users much more engaged with the solution, leading to higher retention and excitement. Instruqt makes this experience super easy to build and scale, and because Instruqt can actually check if a solution is correct, users are much more engaged vs blindly copy-pasting.”

– Sandeep Dinesh, Developer Advocate

  Google Cloud, San Fransisco, USA

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Product Adoption

Let your customers experience the wow-factor of your product instantly and drive adoption with training. Use Instruqt to create sandbox environments using real infrastructure to train and educate your teams, customers, prospects.

Upskilling and Reskilling 

Every enterprise is in some form of digital transformation. With the talent shortage, they need to get from A to B with the same people. There’s a genuine need to upskill at scale. Let Instruqt help you.

Experience the Power of Challenge-Driven Learning

Need to Increase Attendee Engagement? Instruqt can help!

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