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Instruqt helps software companies transform their sales funnel with storytelling and educational content.

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Gamification increases engagement and keeps your customers come back to learn more. 

State of Play

Customers love that Instruqt gives instant feedback after solving a challenge. If it’s not correct, the platform shows a popup explaining what went wrong. Allowing the customer to make mistakes and learn.

Ben Hählen Director of Customer Success, Digital.ai

Amplify your customer journey with Instruqt

Spark the curiosity of buyers by making your product the #1 lead magnet with gamified tutorials and free trials.

Lead Generation

Improve conversion by qualifying your buyers with a test drive of the software.

Sales Enablement

Improve software usage by educating customers with on-demand self-paced training.

Customer Training

Get in the driver's seat and experience first-hand how you can drive momentum and win sales opportunities using Instruqt.

Dynamic interactions

Instruqt enables you to add checks and run scripts for every challenge. We can actually change the environment while your users are interacting with it.

Enriched Scenarios

Facts Tell. Stories Sell.

Guided scenarios make it easy for prospects to find value even without your sales team around.

Guided Learning

We spent many hours trying to get this right with our homegrown solution when we could have been building content. With these features in place, we were able to rapidly roll out new cloud-enabled tracks with relative ease, keeping cost control and security at the forefront.

Roger Berlind Senior Solutions Engineering, HashiCorp

Holistic learning

Embed product instructions right in the sandbox environment offers a hassle-free hands-on experience. Sandbox supports notes, terminal, quizzes, images, and videos. 


Instruqt vs Cloudshare

I recommend Instruqt as a great way to engage and educate your audience on your product.

Brent Shaffer Developer Programs Engineer, Google Inc.

Validated learning = Knowledge

Build engagement with your product using a pattern of byte-size challenges, immediate application on real scenarios, and validations of solutions every step of the way. 


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The testing feature enables us to know that all of our content is working correctly. This feature allows us to have a small team of fewer than 10 people asynchronously supporting content for 100s of internal stakeholders.

Lance Larsen Regional Manager for Consul Solutions Engineering, HashiCorp

Traditional product instruction is nothing but a happy flow. Monkey-see, monkey-do. Does it really help your customers see the values of your technology? Software companies can tap into the power of Instruqt to enhance their demos, lead gen, and customer training.

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