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Dec 3, 2020 | Careers, Product

About Us

Instruqt is a challenge-driven online learning platform that helps organizations accelerate the adoption of new technologies for employees, partners, and customers. Customers, like Hashicorp or Google Cloud, use our platform to teach real-world usage of their products and drive adoption.

Instruqt was engineered for reliability and scale, making sure our customers can train (virtual) classrooms of all sizes without headaches. Our customer base is growing fast in the face of the new reality of working from home, in combination with the ever-growing pace of technological innovation. Therefore we are looking to expand our product team with great engineers.

What you will be doing

You will be part of a growing product team, consisting of five engineers (including you), a designer, and a product owner. You will work on features that power learning environments for our students all over the globe. As a member of the product team you will design and write state-of-the-art software, follow best practices, measure everything and be responsible for deployment to production. You will also spend part of your time talking to our customers and help them to use the Instruqt platform to its maximum potential.

Challenges you will solve

  • Create the best experience possible for learning new technology.
  • Building a component library based on our design system.
  • Building developer tools, like editors and terminals, in the browser.
  • Use GraphQL to consume data from the Instruqt platform.
  • Ensuring high quality testable code.
  • Ensuring high availability: Our customers rely on our platform to train virtual classrooms without headaches.

The Profile

We are looking for engineers, eager to join a young and growing product team that care about developer tools and programming education.

We believe that a small product team can build world-changing platforms and tools. To achieve this we look for engineers which are self-directed, understand our vision. We look for people who bring fresh ideas, dreams, and ambitions to our team.

Our Stack

  • React
  • Typescript
  • Tailwind CSS (based on twin.macro)
  • GraphQL
  • Storybook
  • React testing library

What we offer

Competitive compensation

We offer above market salary, 25 vacation days, an annual development budget, the possibility to work from home, and the hardware you choose.

Join an early stage startup

We will offer you an opportunity to become a founding team member, instead of adapting to the structures defined by other, you get to define them yourself. It’s not about churning out new predefined features, but creating a product strategy from our core values. We offer you a big opportunity to make your mark and be responsible for your own impact.

Professional growth through experienced fellowship

We will support you professional growth by pairing you with professionals with decades of experience. They have build software for major technology companies like Picnic and We will give you access to the network of Xebia group companies, with some of the best engineers in their respective fields. We will give you a budget to level up your skills in the way you see fit. Perhaps you like to focus on your technical skills by visiting conferences or want to improve soft skills by attending a training. Or all of the above! It is up to you.


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