Digital Product Designer

Nov 23, 2020 | Careers, Product

Hi new designer!

Or should we say, our future design captain? Because in a year from now we want to have established a complete vision for our product and know which steps to take to get there. That’s where you come in, with a ton of experience in both research, design, and collaboration you are able to set us apart in the world of digital learning.

We are Instruqt, a small venture backed startup focused on redefining the future of digital learning. We came together back in 2017 after we collaborated with HashiCorp on a proof of concept that shows that you learn technical skills far more efficiently by getting your hands dirty instead of watching boring Youtube videos.

With our collective brain we managed to get a product running that allows you to train any kind of digital technology or software, straight from the browser, without installing anything. But guess what, with great possibilities, comes great risk.

So, now we need a new designer that will help us establish a product development routine, set out a future vision, help us realize it by guiding research, and building kick-ass designs. So be warned, this job is not for the faint of heart, there is a lot at play, a lot to learn, and great team to work with.

Questions you will break your brain on

  • What should our brand convey and look like?
  • How can we gamify our learning experience?
  • How do we build captivating learning material?
  • How do we make digital learning efficient?
  • What should the marketing to product funnel look like?
  • How do we beat the competition and earn a shit ton of $$$

What we have to offer you

  • Above-average income
  • Annual personal development budget
  • Bi-weekly knowledge sharing nights
  • We pay for your internet at home
  • Some truly decent office parties and trips
  • Plenty of remote working options, also after the world is back to normal
  • The latest hardware, every 2 to 3 years

What we expect in return

  • Someone who can take a joke, and has 300 years of experience (or at least 3)
  • Someone who knows the digital product development process by heart
  • Someone that likes collaborating and facilitating different design and agile sessions
  • Someone who can show us 1 really successful project, and 1 you completely messed up
  • Someone who is confident in planning and running different research methodologies
  • Someone who can translate research insights into clear problem statements
  • Someone that has an abundance of web-app related interface design skills to show for
  • Someone who understands the rules of digital products, and its logic
  • Someone who can design both marketing websites and complex interfaces
  • And last but not least, someone who speaks and writes English on a professional level

Nice to haves

  • You get a few bonus points if you also speak Dutch
  • You get a few bonus points if you are familiar with Figma, Airtable, and Notion


Send us your application.

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