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Increase Engagement With New Progress Indication

We’re excited to announce the new Progress Indication on Instruqt hands-on labs. Progress indication helps learners stay on track and focus on completing their journey. In addition, they can hit the restart button if needed.

How does it work?
Once learners begin a track, there will be a progress bar in the platform’s upper-right-hand corner. Clicking the progress bar reveals an outline of all the challenges in the track. Simply click the “view” button to return to previous challenges and revisit your work, or use the “skip to” button to navigate to other challenges in the track.

When embedded, this feature allows learners to restart the track from the beginning by clicking the restart button.

This progress indicator will follow learners through their journey, showing their completed challenges in green as they move through the tracks.

Designed to keep learners engaged
The new progress indication guides learners through every step of the track, all the way to their finish line. They can see the entire track at a glance and easily navigate from challenge to challenge.

Turn your product into a growth engine
Instruqt offers software companies an easy-to-deploy and scalable platform to showcase their products on real technology and real environment.

  • Zero installation virtual labs in your web browser
  • Start the lab instantly with the click of a button
  • No extra software or plugins are required


Zero friction means people get on the starting block immediately. Get our customer stories on how Instruqt helps them accelerate lead generation, acquisition, activation, and growth with hands-on experiences that bring their products to life.

Vira Chesnokova
Senior Product Owner

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