Measuring employee training ROI: Are you asking the right questions?

Jul 25, 2019 | Blog

Measure ROI with the right qustions

Whether your goal is for successful on-boarding, keeping your employees up to date with relevant skills, or improving employee retention — you need an extraordinary training program to fulfill your employees’ needs. How do you sustain an awesome training program in your company? Here is a quick tip in how to structure your questions.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are awesome tools available to help develop your questions, such as the Kirkpatrick model. Begin with questions focused on the individuals and move your way towards teams and the organization. Here are some examples.

1. Do your employees receive new information in a way that is relevant to their industry?

Ask simple questions to check the relevancy of newly acquired knowledge. If employees consistently fail to understand and implement tools from the training into the workplace, then there is an obvious problem.

2. Are employees engaged in the training?

Employees who are engaged in a session of training are more likely to take a course of action based on what they’ve learned. Measure their demonstrated engagement throughout training sessions. This is a feature that can be easily tracked through online training tools. You may find that a group response tells you a great deal about how much attention your employees are paying to the session.

3. Are employees applying what they’ve learned?

A great way to establish this is by asking your employees open-ended questions, rather than asking them to look for the best answer. This will give you a better picture of how the training influenced your employees and what they took away from it. The end goal is to help your employees become better versions of themselves in order to better perform at their job.

4. Is the training scalable for the future?

As your organization grows, so will the demand for training. Will the amount of training capacity be able to grow to satisfy the needs of the organization in the future? Many companies begin to ask themselves this question when it’s already too late. Think about how your boss and organization can make better decisions now for the future.

Start making a change

Effective training doesn’t just show up out of the blue. Study your employees and build a scalable and impactful learning journey that will ignite innovation in your organization.

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