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Instruqt announces record year as demand for growth-focused virtual IT labs surges

Instruqt, the #1 Virtual IT Labs for product-led growth, today announced it has achieved new milestones in customer acquisition, product adoption, and new platform capabilities in 2021. The momentum and rise in demand can be attributed to forward-looking software companies embracing growth-focused virtual IT labs as a vehicle for scalable demand generation and product adoption. 

Instruqt saw 300% growth in revenue, added more than 50 new customers to its platform, and 5x increased in usage. Revenue teams from HashiCorp, Red Hat, Puppet, Solo.io, Kasten by Veeam, Sysdig, Codefresh, Imply, Isovalent, and many others have experienced accelerated increases in demand and sales pipeline.

With a browser-based private sandbox environment, it’s never been easier or faster to show how their products add value in real environments without overburdening their engineering resources. Instruqt helps them drive tangible results from engagement to revenue, increase presales productivity and accelerate time to value for customers. 

“Instruqt is building the future of tech adoption. Our growing customer base continues to praise the technology that effectively demonstrates the value of their products at every revenue touchpoint. Fast, easy, and 100% browser-based, universal accessibility is one of Instruqt’s biggest selling points. Embeddable on websites and learning management systems (LMS) remove friction in the marketing and sales process. Essentially, they use Instruqt to influence decisions in the entire customer journey“.


—  Coert Baart, CEO of Instruqt 

The way people buy software has changed. Hence, the way software companies sell has to keep up. As a result, many are exploring a product-led growth strategy along with their existing sales-led motion. In a product-first world, the product needs to be presented in a story.

Good product storytelling relies on having the proper context. And that’s where Instruqt comes in. Instruqt enables software companies to run their product in a cloud sandbox and add data, scenarios, and even real-time access to cloud accounts. With Instruqt, they can create hands-on demos, tutorials, and training on real technology, real environments in an easy automated way.

In 2021, Instruqt introduced embeddable labs and webhook integrations to help revenue teams efficiently scale their demand generation efforts and convert customers much faster than traditional methods. 

“Looking ahead to next year, Instruqt will continue to focus on enabling software companies to offer unique hands-on product experiences that help them increase product adoption. The 2022 product roadmap covers three key areas:


  • We’ll take our sandbox technology to the next level to support more platforms, operating systems, and technologies in a scalable way. For starters, we will introduce native Windows support.
  • A complete redesign of the platform and the implementation of a gamification mechanism to stimulate and drive learner engagement.
  • New user reports that provide our customers with actionable insights on how users interact with their products”.

— Michael Meier, VP Product of Instruqt 

Instruqt has accelerated hiring to meet the increasing demand and support future product advancements. It will continue to grow the team in marketing, sales, customer success, and platform development in the coming year. 

Get our customer stories on how Instruqt helps them accelerate lead generation, acquisition, activation, and growth with hands-on experiences that bring their products to life.

Connie Tai
As the CMO at Instruqt, Connie oversees the overall marketing strategy across all marketing initiatives, acquisition channels, and distribution channels. Together with her team, she's responsible for the company's blogs, podcasts, overall content strategy, and product launch and customer demand campaigns.

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