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4 Helpful Tips To Boost Your Virtual Customer Training

Constantly fighting for people’s attention is frustrating! Whether it is getting people to focus on a lecture or to create algorithms, there are always forces playing against you. For example, the average person can stay focused for only 45 minutes. And that is if you are lucky! As instructors, you want to create excitement around your topic of expertise and have your students become the masters. To reach that goal, you need your learners to be fully engaged and ready to take on the challenge at hand. 

How to Engage Your Learners

The million-dollar question is, how do you keep your learners engaged throughout an entire virtual customer training?  We cannot give you a full-on physiological analysis of the individuals attending your session, but we can get you started with a few pointers in building an interactive and valuable training session. Your sessions are affected by many factors out of your control, why not hone the ones you can have an impact on.

Here are four ways to make you virtual customer training sessions awesome:

Simplify the onboarding process with easy setup 

What is your current set up for your training sessions? Are you still using VMware, VirtualBox, and keys for virtual customer training? This is an excellent way to get your audience disengaged from the start! Sadly, you are not the only one dealing with all of the hassles that come with out-dated tools. Why build your curriculum around complicated tools when there are powerful cloud-based IT training platforms. Simplify the whole set-up and on-boarding process. All you should have to do is send an invite, giving your learners access to your training environment. Remove the first barrier in giving an awesome training session. Yes, it can be that easy!

Engage your learners with interactive content

Get your learners engaged with hands-on challenges in real infrastructures. It’s no secret, we learn best when we apply our knowledge. Studies show 70% of successful learning comes from real-life, on the job experiences, and problem-solving. Creating interactive and adaptable content is the key to scalable learning. Let your learners experiment and make mistakes in a safe environment. Build practical and actionable challenges to effectively teach new concepts and tools.

Create bite-sized content to increase retention

Deciding how to structure your content is a challenge. You want your learners to retain the information they’ve learned, but sadly, psychology seems to work against you. According to Hermann Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve, the average person forgets about 70 percent of new information within 24 hours of acquiring it. How can you overcome this challenge? Luckily, there are further studies concluding that we retain more information by breaking down complex ideas.

Deliver your training content in compact, concentrated bursts. Improve the learning experience and make your training valuable for everyone with easy to digest content. This can be done by breaking down the fundamental principles of a topic into different tracks or chapters. Don’t overwhelm your learners with too much information at once, they might just run out the door within the first five minutes.

Use metrics to measure performance 

Take a look at how learners are performing. Having insights about the completion rates in a training session is highly valuable. Be strategic with your content; if a track is not performing well, ask yourself why and use analytic metrics to adjust it accordingly. Insights are a great source of feedback.

Is your topic experiencing a low completion rate, most likely the information is not easily digested? Use this feedback to improve the content and sessions. Design a great learning experience for your learners.

Moving Forward

From here on out, make use of the best virtual customer training tools to create engaging and impactful training sessions. Having your learners in mind, start building interactive sessions that will help them become experts in their field with your products.  

Katy Andreeva
Katy is a Growth Marketer at Instruqt.

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