Product adoption in IT: the problem with free trials

Product Adoption in IT: the problem with free trials

A lot of articles and blogs describe how the customer journey should unfold and what gets in the way of achieving real success. Very few have been written about the problem of one of the most common steps for buying a technical product: the free trial. That is why this article discusses the problems with these trials but also discusses a possible solution for this problem.

At Instruqt, our customers are mostly tech vendors who have products or features they need to sell. What we’ve discovered is that success begins at the first touch with the product. You need to show your prospect the value of your product immediately, after all, that’s what they want. And the advantage of the free trial is that your prospect gets to know your product in their own environment. So, often this “first-touch” happens through the free trial. After 15, 30 or 60 days of using a product or service, the prospect can then decide if they’re actually going to buy it.

Trial timeline

In my article I will give a summary of all the possible problems your prospect might experience with a free trial.

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