Instruqt updates online learning platform with new features

Hi there! We have many cool new features that we can’t wait to share with you.

New topics & tracks

We have added two new topics to the platform: Git and Kubernetes. Topics are a collection of tracks with a mutual theme. The Git topic is a great way to get introduced to version control. You will learn how to configure Git, how to create a repository, how to commit changes to the repository and how to push to a remote repository. The Kubernetes topic contains tracks to learn how to work with Kubernetes, how to deploy an application to Kubernetes and a separate track where you can try out Kubernetes yourself. You are also able to try out Hashicorp’s Nomad, Rancher, Vamp, XL Deploy, Stackstate and Dotmesh using [Instruqt]().

New topics & tracks

SDK Changes

We have added extended infrastructure support to our SDK. This allows developers to create tracks and sandboxes in Instruqt with applications that require more resources. On top of that we’ve added some optimizations which allow developers to use pooling to ensure quick startup times for their applications.

Support for Docker containers

The Instruqt SDK now supports any existing Docker container. This means you can use a wide variety of Docker containers that are already publicly available from Docker hub or other public Docker registries.

Improved developer workflow

There are a lot of improvements made on the track development workflow. We’ve simplified the build process. Build configurations are validated and feedback is given to the developer with insights on the build status.

Other improvements to the SDK:

Other changes

We have also made some visual changes that we are excited to share with you:

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