The self-educating buyers are empowered by the information they gather on the internet. Your sales team is under pressure to meet their expectations.  

Buyers today want to experience your software and see how it solves their specific problems before committing. 

The sales cycle is getting longer because more people are involved in the process.

About The Author

Coert Baart has 20 years of experience in sales and revenue growth, He is recognized as an expert in developing business opportunities and growing business from the ground up. 

In his time as sales lead in various software companies, his team has helped generate revenue, selling his last company valued over 7 digits. 

He sees the change in the software buyers and believes that revenue teams should focus more on product-led growth.

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Customer Success

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A guide for the new software buyer journey

In this guide, you’ll receive three rarely shared ideas to hacking your software sales at every stage of the buyer journey.

The software buyer has changed for good

How to get  leads hands-on with your software faster

Do you want to be amazingly successful at winning new customers? It’s time to use browser-based demos to execute these three new ideas in your team. 

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